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Configure PLo! Blogger plugin

Create Google APIs project and OAuth 2.0 client IDs.

In order to configure PLo! Blogger plugin, you need have a Google APIs project and OAuth 2.0 client IDs.  If you have not any Google APIs project and  OAuth 2.0 client IDs to configure PLo! Blogger you can create one or more at More information about APIs project and OAuth 2.0 client IDs can be found at bellow links:

For instruction about create APIs Project and OAuth 2.0 client IDs to configure PLo blogger, please see Create Google APIs project and OAuth 2.0 client IDs to config PLo! Blogger article.

Configure PLo! Blogger plugin

1. Access plugin PLo! Blogger by go to Plug-in Manager by click menu Extensions / Plug-in Manager then click PLo! Blogger plugin to show up below screen.

TIP: To quick access PLo! Blogger plugin, in  Plug-in Maganer, enter plo in to Fillter text box then click search button.

2. Change Status field to ‘Enable’, fill Client ID, Client secret, Redirect URis and click [Save/Apply] button.

NOTE: Redirect URis must like <your_home_site>/index.php?plg=ploblogger&task=blogger_connect

3. Click button Connect with your Blogger to go to Google authentication window. Follow the instruction on that window to login into your Google account.

4. List your blog will appear in PLo! Blogger plugin. Check on blogs that you want publish joomla article to, change Cronjob to Yes then click [Save/Apply] button to complete  the configuration PLo! Blogger plugin.